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Educating Your Child 

Is More Than Just Academic


Is your child struggling at school?

Is homework time a challenge?

Is there something you can't put your finger on?

We can help!


We will review and evaluate all aspects of your child's life. From their educational experience to after school commitments to homework habits. All of these play a role in the success of your child. 


As students are bombarded with ever-changing expectations and held to progressively more ambitious standards, moderate performers rarely get the attention they deserve. These students often fail to cultivate study habits that will prepare them for real academic challenges, leaving them prone to falling through the cracks.

Initial Consultation

We offer an in depth initial consultation that will leave you feeling heard and give you a plan to start making things easier for your child. We will review any evaluations that have been completed and suggest next steps. We do not diagnose any disabilities. 

Follow-Up consultation

  • Review initial concerns and address any new issues
  • Set up plans for concerns and provide materials to support parents
  • Support parents in the Special Education process (if needed)

Parent Coaching

We have been there! You've tried everything, but you're tired and worn out from all the effort you put in from the moment their beautiful eyes open to the moment those same eyes close for the night. It can be wonderful, exciting, loving, exhausting, rewarding all in the same moment or throughout every day. But it's also draining...we know. 

Many parents have peoplethey talk to, but some don't want to share intimate feelings about their kids or parenthood with their friends. And you likely don't need a therapist. You need a COACH! You'd like someone who has walked in your shoes and understands all those emotions. You want someone who will not judge you or the choices you've made. You need someone to reflect with you and help you keep running the parenthood marathon. We are those coaches. We will support you. 

examples of our support

  • Homework Time Coaching
  • Organizational Coaching
  • Executive Functioning Support
  • Suggestions for Successful Communication with School
  • Overuse of Technology
  • Chores and Allowance System
  • Connect and Consult with Specialists - Tutors, Speech Pathologists, School  Psychologists and Guidance Counselors
  • Help Coordinate Support Services
  • Review of in-school support  ie. 504 plans, Special Education Services
  • Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) - Support for Parents and Students 
  • Parent Coach


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